Sneakmart’s MetaKicks Features the World’s First Mystery NFT Sneakers Box Collection

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January 23, 2022 – Paris, France

Sneakmart solidifies its position in the streetwear industry through a dedicated focus on non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Additionally, the launch of Metakicks, an NFT mystery sneakers box collection, adds a new dimension through limited-edition footwear with web 3.0 implications.

Sneakmart, the French start-up with a mobile-first focus on streetwear, is at the center of the ever-expanding limited-edition sneaker industry. Just last year, sneaker madness yielded a six billion dollar resale market as collectors and enthusiasts buy and resell these limited-edition pairs on secondary markets. It is not uncommon to see sneakers go up three times in value or more due to scarcity, supply and demand.

However, Sneakmart also acknowledges the industry is at the forefront of a tremendous change. Non-fungible tokens or NFTs make inroads across many industries, including streetwear. They have evolved from digital artwork and collectibles to a status symbol worn proudly by its owner. Combining the sneaker madness with NFT technology has yielded the birth of Metakicks, a mystery sneakers box collection.

Anthony Debrandt, CEO and co-founder of Sneakmart, said,

“Sneaker addicts love to collect and wear a lot of sneakers. Everyone loves sneakers today – everyone wears them. With Metakicks, we want to give the opportunity to start collecting digital sneakers through unique designs.”

Venturing into digital sneakers and accessories through NFT technology is the next frontier for the streetwear industry. Nike’s involvement – through the acquisition of RTFKT for several hundred million dollars – illustrates the change on the horizon. Metakicks, the new venture by Sneakmart, is a different venture, although an equally prominent one.

Through Metakicks, sneakerheads can acquire more affordable mystery boxes featuring digital sneakers. Everyone who purchases a box won’t know what they will get. Additionally, it is possible to either open the box and show off the new digital pair of kicks or keep the box closed and resell it on the secondary market.

The mystery boxes span 15 unique designs with 3D animations and four degrees of rarity – epic, super rare, rare and normal. Every pair is tied to a specific universe and will make its owner stand out in the digital world. Moreover, some of the designs have unique editions, such as the soccer pair designed for former international soccer player Didier Drogba.

Sneakmart has secured partnerships with celebrities and brands to develop one-of-one Metakicks. The first partner is Savoir Faire Paris, a french bespoke sneakers creator. Whoever picks up this unique NFT will receive their Metakicks non-fungible token and the Jordan One off-white coffee latte explicitly designed for this drop.

Physical pairs play a crucial role in the Metakicks ecosystem. There is a 10% chance of winning a physical hype sneaker when buying an NFT mystery box. Models include Jordan 1 High, Nike Dunk Low, Jordan 4, Adidas Yeezy 350, Jordan 1 High Dior and four pairs of Jordan in collaboration with Travis Scott.

Sneakmart wants to bridge the gap between physical and digital sneakers to make collectors and enthusiasts the pioneers of tomorrow’s fashion trends. Moreover, it paves the way for personalizing virtual avatars in the web 3.0 and metaverse environments of the future.

A total of 6,250 boxes will be made available through the first drop via the Sneakmart website. The team eyes a drop date of February 2022, with more price information soon available via the official channels.

About Sneakmart

Sneakmart is the first community-driven streetwear app dedicated to streetwear – sneakers, clothing and accessories. Initially launched in France in January 2021 as a mobile app on iOS and Android, the young start-up already has over 130,000 French-speaking members registered. Users come to exchange with the community around this sneakers/streetwear sphere but also to buy and sell with ease.

Today the French startup has the ambition to become the world’s first streetwear community and allow the trade of physical and digital streetwear on their app (NFTs). It will soon be available in other countries.

Join the Sneakmart community now on Discord, Instagram, Twitter or directly on their app so you don’t miss anything about this exclusive and exceptional drop.


Anthony Debrant, CEO and co-founder of Sneakmart

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