News | Australian Mining Company To Release Crypto Exchange/Wallet

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Leaders in Digital Asset Mining, NGS Crypto have just released their company Road Map for 2021/2022, outlining some very innovative and exciting developments within the company.

NGS Crypto has announced that it will soon be expanding their operations to include an exchange/wallet.

Currently, NGS Crypto helps hundreds of Australian’s safely enter into the digital asset mining market, without the risk that comes with trading.

NGS Crypto is at the forefront of bringing Blockchain technology and DeFi options to the Australian people.

“NGS Crypto is developing a multi-blockchain cryptocurrency exchange/wallet, which will allow all NGS Members to conveniently buy, sell and swap all mined Bitcoin (BTC), without the need to leave the NGS Crypto ecosystem.

NGS Crypto Australia views DeFi and digital asset mining as the future of Finance, with members currently taking home returns in excess of 100% per year for the last 3 years running.

On the other hand, we see further regulation in the cryptocurrency space as a positive for the market as digital assets and cryptocurrencies go mainstream over the next ten years.

NGS Crypto Australia is currently in the process of receiving Austrac certification as a key part of the NGS Crypto Road Map for 2021.” – Mark TenCaten, CEO, NGS Crypto



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