Massive Crypto Whale Quietly Accumulating One Ethereum Competitor and Top Gaming Altcoin

A crypto mega-whale just went on an altcoin buying spree and purchased $23.9 million worth of two digital assets. The blockchain-transaction tracker WhaleStats reveals that an unnamed Ethereum wallet bought 135,000 Terra (LUNA) for $6.72 million. Terra is a public blockchain protocol that underpins a suite of decentralized stablecoins. The ninth-ranked crypto asset is currently […]

Report: Experts Say ‘Long Downturns’ for Bitcoin and Other Cryptoassets Are ‘Normal’

Several experts have warned investors that high volatility — including “long downturns” — in the crypto market should be considered “normal” market behavior by long-term investors. According to a report by CNBC’s “Make It”, after the price of BTC dipped below $33,000 earlier in the week, several experts it talked to said that such volatility […]

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Unfazed By Bitcoin Crash, Set To Launch Its Metaverse

Shiba Inu is the latest meme coin that seeks to jump into the Metaverse sphere. The canine-based token, which rubs shoulders with Dogecoin, announced the launch of its ‘Shiberse’ in 2022. Shiberse will become the first release for the year 2022 and signify one more step in the ever-growing ecosystem. The lead to the release […]

What is Etherscan, and how does it work?

Etherscan is the most trusted tool for navigating through all the public data on the Ethereum blockchain and is sometimes called “Ethplorer.” This data includes transaction data, wallet addresses, smart contracts and much more. The application is self-contained and is neither sponsored nor administered by the Ethereum Foundation, which is a non-profit organization. The team […]

Certik’s rug pull claim was a false alarm

TL; DR Breakdown Certik’s claim on CryptoCars was false The developers took the website down for the holiday Certik issues update on the previous alarm Over the last few weeks, the market has been boiling due to the different activities occurring in the crypto space. Ranging from digital assets trading at a decline to scams […]

SEC approves BSTX for blockchain settlements on traditional markets

The Boston Security Token Exchange (BSTX), a new facility of the Boston-based BOX exchange, received regulatory approval from the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to operate as a blockchain-based securities exchange.  BSTX was launched jointly by BOX and Overstock’s blockchain arm tZERO, originally seeking approval for launching publicly-traded registered security tokens. However, the […]

StandardDAO: The New Digital Protocol Revolutionizing the Blockchain Space

The cryptocurrency world exploded in 2021 and with the explosion comes a plethora of multiple DeFi projects emerging from the industry to meet the demands of businesses and individuals. Despite the massive breakthrough recorded in the digital space, however, the dilemma surrounding digital currencies remains the same. The legitimacy of Bitcoin as an asset, for […]

Ethereum ($ETH) and Other Altcoins Are a ‘Pyramid Scheme’, Says Max Keiser

Popular cryptocurrency strategist and former Wall Street trader Max Keiser has revealed he believes that altcoins and Ethereum ($ETH), in particular, are “just outright scams” that should eventually stop existing. Keiser, who speaking to Kitco News’ Michelle Makori said these altcoins are a “pyramid scheme,” is a well-known bitcoin bull. During his interview with Makori, […]

Metaverse Heralded As The Future Of The Internet Witnesses Sexual Misconduct

Metaverse is a simulated virtual reality that functions with the help of virtual reality and also augmented reality. This space was created to focus on socialization by primarily mimicking user interaction from the real world. Now imagine lounging in your pajamas and signing into the Metaverse, one avatar approaches you and passes sexually lewd comments, […]

$ADA: Number of Cardano-Based Smart Contracts Surpasses 1,000 as TVL Grows

The total number of smart contracts on the Cardano ($ADA) network has surpassed 1,000 for the first time as the blockchain’s decentralized finance (DeFi) space grows steadily with its total value locked well above $70 million. According to Cardano blockchain insights shared on Google’s Data Studio, there are over 1,000 Plutus-based smart contracts on Cardano […]