Coinbase Adds Crypto Exchange Token to Arsenal of Altcoins, Triggering 50% Rally

Popular US-based crypto trading platform Coinbase Pro is adding another altcoin amid a flurry of new inclusions this week. According to a Coinbase announcement, Voyager Token (VGX), the Ethereum-based coin of centralized exchange Voyager, has been added to Coinbase Pro. VGX is not yet available on the Coinbase retail platform or mobile app. According to […]

Binance CEO Says Dogecoin Demonstrates The Power Of Decentralization

Dogecoin was something of an outlier when it first started to gain traction in the market. It changed the way the crypto market sees and perceives the value of an asset despite what utility it may or may not have. The digital asset was only propelled forward by memes and community love. But in less […]

‘Ethereum Killers’ – Are they still worth talking about

Bitcoin and Ethereum are never compared when functionality is taken into consideration. The sole difference comes down to Ethereum’s smart contracts feature. However, every other project which has smart contracts, one time or the other, has been deemed an Ethereum killer. The trend began back in 2018 during the ICO boom when EOS was considered […]

Why Neeraj Is Wrong About My Bored Ape

About the author Andrew Miller is CEO of ATM Holdings, and has invested in and advised some of the highest-value domain name transactions on record, including recent deals for,, and He founded and, both successful exits. He started investing in NFTs in 2021, and acquired a Bored Ape in August. […]

Bank of Russia will charge fees for CBDC transactions 1

TL; DR Breakdown Bank of Russia will charge fees for CBDC transactions The bank’s director says the charges will be small The bank is still opposed to digital assets Central bank digital currencies have become something that no country wants to be left behind regarding its development. Although some countries are in front regarding its […]

Maple Finance launches the first DeFi Syndicated Loan with Alameda Research

18 November 2021: Today, Maple Finance has launched an on-chain vehicle for Alameda Research, the $30 billion dollar quantitative trading firm, to syndicate loans directly from accredited institutional investors around the world. The first lenders are industry leaders including CoinShares, Abra, and Ascendex in the whitelisted cohort. This is the first DeFi syndicated loan created […]

Market Wrap: Cryptocurrencies Slide as Buyers Stick to the Sidelines

Cryptocurrencies continued to slide as buyers appear to be taking some profits. Some analysts are now cautious on bitcoin’s short-term price direction given the recent loss of upside momentum. Bitcoin declined toward a three-week low on Thursday around $56,000 before stabilizing near $58,000. BTC is down about 11% over the past week, compared with a […]

Bitcoin Exchange Gemini Confirms $400M Raise at $7.1 Billion Valuation

In brief Gemini is a cryptocurrency exchange and platform. It’s taking in outside funding for the first time. The Bitcoin billionaire brothers who made a fortune off of Facebook have decided to finally raise outside capital. Gemini, the cryptocurrency platform and exchange founded by twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, has announced $400 million in funding […]